• If any drains in your home become clogged as they often do because of hair, grease, and leftover food debris, then call us, and we’ll get your drain flowing again in no time!
  • We use industrial-strength drain augers that mechanically clear your drain. We do this to avoid using harmful chemicals which are bad for your health, your plumbing, and the environment. Not to mention sometimes these chemicals don’t even solve your problem!
  • We also offer preventative maintenance for condos and apartments where the main kitchen stacks often clog and can cause floods on the first floor.
  • We come in and inspect any and all stacks you request and clean the ones we identify as problems.
  • Furthermore, we can replace sections of drainage in your parkade if we feel the drain has so badly deteriorated that it can’t effectively be cleaned, as often happens with old cast iron drainage pipes.
  • Call us today to get your drains moving again, and ask us about our strata pricing.